Could Facebook Destroy Your Personal Injury Case?

Posted on: 4 April 2018

Facebook, or social media in general, is an undeniable part of the American existence these days. It's become common for people of all ages to keep in touch with far-flung family and friends (and people they've never even met in person) through Facebook via daily posts about everything from the mundane details of their lives to major events. Unfortunately, if you've been injured in an accident and find yourself having to sue, it's better if you close your account for a while and communicate in other ways.
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How Not To Reduce Your Personal Injury Compensation

Posted on: 28 February 2018

If you've been harmed by a careless driver, you are very likely entitled to money damages. You should understand, however, that the actual amount you are entitled to get can vary a lot depending on your actions. The things you say and do after the accident could reduce your compensation greatly, so read on to learn more about getting the most possible from your accident claim. Consider the degree of fault
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In A Car Accident? Understanding The Delayed Back Injury Signs

Posted on: 22 January 2018

After a car accident, you may think you're not injured if you don't feel any immediate pain. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that things like back injuries can actually appear later, sometimes days or weeks after an accident. Without proper medical attention for those injuries, you won't be able to pursue legal action against the responsible party. Before you dismiss the discomfort that you're feeling after an accident, you should understand the delayed signs of a back injury.
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Four Common Car Accident Injuries And The Medical Care You'll Need

Posted on: 13 December 2017

While it's certainly true that particularly bad car accident injuries can leave lasting scars and require serious medical care, there are far more common medical injuries that can still be serious and show up days or even months after the smoke clears. Here are four of the most common car accident injuries and a brief description of the medical care you'll need if you find yourself suffering from them. Back Injuries
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